Thinking of Becoming a Lawyer? – FAQ

Lawyers are often shrouded with a cloak of mystery. There are people who believe them to be extremely educated liars, while others consider them to be necessary public servants. Either way, there is a lot of misinformation and mystery concerning what lawyers really do.

First off, the path to becoming a lawyer is not easy. It […]

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Is Becoming a Lawyer a Good Career Path in 2018?

Many people wonder if being a lawyer in 2018 and the near future is still a good idea. Things have changed and law is not quite the same as it was a few decades ago.

Although things are slightly different now, we still feel that becoming a lawyer can be a fulfilling and profitable career.

Here are […]

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Our Top 5 Texas Law School Picks

If you’re looking for a law school in Texas we have good news – there are some awesome choices.

The hard part is trying to figure out which one to pick. Law school is a very intensive part of your life until you graduate and pass the bar exam for your state.

Oftentimes people compare law school […]

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